830RT Passes Magazine Test With Flying Colours

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830RT Passes Magazine Test  With Flying Colours!

Recently the Ditch Witch 830RT was subjected to a test and subsequent article in the Deals on Wheels magazine.  

DWNZ supplied an 830RT Utility Locator to Deals on Wheels who took it in search of an experienced operator to give it a thorough going over. It ended up with Grant from Jet Trac Drilling , Grant has considerable experience with these tools boasting over 16yr’s experience in pipe and cable locating! Grant took the 830RT for several days and tested in all sorts of adverse condition – night time, sunny daylight and rain to name a few.  

Grant comments: “I liked the look of it when I first saw it: nice and slim, lightweight too; no antenna coming out the bottom of the display like some other models have; love the colour – Ditch Witch orange! – it’s so much better than grey. I tested it at night and the backlit display was easy to read and lit from the start with no need to press a button. Same with the cable depth function: just hold the unit with the bottom touching the ground and it shows you the cable depth, no need to press a button. I can’t find anything to fault it and I really can’t think of how it could be improved. Even the hardest cable locating areas proved no match for the 830.”  

Overall Grant loved the 830RT, he was particularly impressed with its ease of use and its ability to give depth readings without having to touch a button. Click on the link below to read the full article.  

The 830RT units are currently available ex stock, contact us now for a free demonstration!

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